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HMRC – Tax Enquiries

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0844 995 1027

Lines are open 7 days a week. 7p per minute plus your phone companies access charge.

Opening times:

8am to 8pm, Monday to Friday
8am to 4pm Saturday

Closed Sundays and bank holidays

Call HMRC for help with questions about Income Tax, including PAYE coding notices, Marriage Allowance and changing your personal details.
Have your National Insurance number with you when you phone.

To speak with a member of the HMRC customer service team, call 0844 995 1027. Calls cost 7p per minute plus your phone companies access charge.

The HM Revenues and Customers – otherwise known as HMRC – is a non-ministerial UK government department which is responsible for collecting taxes, distributing certain state benefits and administering the national minimum wage. They were formed in 2005 when Her Majesty’s Customs and Excise and the Inland Revenue merged together.

The HMRC has a number of important jobs collecting its revenues from a large variety of sources including:

  • Income tax – Tax paid by individuals or companies dependant on how much money they earn or the profit that they make
  • Capital gains tax – A tax on profits generated through sales of investments of property
  • Corporation tax – This tax is paid by companies and is calculated dependant on their profits
  • Inheritance tax – Tax paid by a person who inherits money, estate or assets after someone else’s death
  • Environmental taxes – Including air passenger duty
  • Indirect tax – This can include things such as VAT and excise duty and they are typically collected by a retail store and then forwarded to the HRMC.

Taxes can be quite a confusing business especially if you have multiple jobs, claim benefits alongside working or have just moved jobs. If you need to speak to someone at the HMRC customer services for more advice then the general enquiries HMRC contact number is 0843 504 7177.

There are lots of reasons why you might need to call HMRC including if you think you have paid too much tax at the end of the tax year. You can request that the HMRC recalculate your tax bracket where you will receive a refund if you’ve overpaid.

If you are new to the country you will need to call the HMRC to apply for a National Insurance number in order to be able to work. Through the HMRC helpline you can enquire about the Direct Payment Scheme and find out how tax works.

If you are an employer and you’re not sure which tax code any employee should be place on or how much National Insurance they should pay you can call the HMRC customer service line to find out. If you’re a new business you can also call the HMRC to get information and advice about how to pay your income tax.

You should call the HMRC contact number if you have inherited assets or estate after someone’s death and you need advice about how much inheritance tax you should pay. It is best to sort this out earlier rather than later as you don’t want a scary looking bill to suddenly turn up.

You can call the tax credit helpline if you feel that you should be entitled to tax credits due to your low income. Call the HMRC helpline for VAT’s if you want to get more information about your rights surrounding VAT or you want to make HMRC complaints about how much you have paid for something.

There is a special phone number to call if you are an accountant and want to get information or advice about a client’s tax details. Do not call this number if you’re not an accountant as your call will be ended straight away.

If you have HMRC complaints about want to report fraud such as benefit fraud, non-payment of VAT, non-payment of duty or tax on cigarettes and alcohol or suspicion of money laundering you can contact them to discuss your concerns.

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