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Paypal – Customer Services

Telephone: 0844 995 1037
Opening times:
Call Paypal for help with questions about your services.

To speak with a member of the Paypal customer service team, call 0844 995 1037 . Calls cost 7p per minute plus your phone companies access charge.

At the end of the fourth quarter in 2015 there were more than 179 million Paypal accounts active worldwide and chances are a large majority of us have used Paypal to make a purchase online.


Paypal is a worldwide payments system which allows you to attach particular cards and bank accounts to your account so you can make purchases with the click of a button rather than retyping in your card details over and over again. Through Paypal you can send and request money and the online money transfers serve as an electronic alternative to traditional paper methods of money transfers such as cheques.


Paypal is one of the world’s largest internet payment companies and from 2002 and July 2015 it was an owned subsidiary of Ebay until it was spun off as an independently traded company. In 2014 Paypal moved $228 billion across 26 currencies in more than 190 nations and they generated $7.9 billion of revenue which was 44% of Ebay’s total profits that year. Currently Paypal operates in 203 markets allowing customers to receive, send and hold funds in 26 currencies worldwide.


Alongside the website and mobile app you can contact Paypal via the Paypal helpline if you have any queries surrounding your account, payments on the account or about updating to a business account.


Whether you use Paypal for business or personal use it can be much safer than sending out your bank details to someone to transfer you money. Through the system users can send invoices to clients, make payments for online services across a large number of websites or donate money. The Paypal app is available for free download on all Iphone or Android devices through the Itunes App Store or Google Play, and has since introduced its ‘One Touch’ service. This allows users to pay for purchase for products on participating apps and websites with a one-touch option.


Via the app users can now search for local shops and restaurants that accept Paypal methods of payments. There is also the facility to order ahead of time at participating locations.


If you need to contact Paypal for any reason you may choose to do so over the phone and be searching for a Paypal contact number. You can contact the Paypal customer service helpline on their UK phone number: 0843 504 7180. This Paypal helpline can provide you with help with your verification status, any fraud allegation or help you make Paypal complaints.


There is also a Freephone Paypal contact number which can be called from any standard UK landlines and mobiles in the UK. You can reach the Paypal customer service line by using 0800 358 7911.


Because Paypal is like an online wallet which is linked to your real bank accounts and credit cards you need to be highly protective of your login details to protect yourself against fraud. If you’re worried about fraud or want to make Paypal complaints you can contact them via the above numbers to speak to an adviser about your worries or concerns.


There have been high amounts of reported fraudulent emails being sent from Paypal where your personal details and bank accounts are under threat. If you receive an email which is apparently from Paypal do not click through to any links or call the contact number detailed in the e-mail, you’re best to use the above Paypal contact number where you can be put through to the Paypal customer service team to discuss any concerns you may have. They’ll be able to verify if there are in fact any issues with your account.

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